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Prayer Partners

What is a C-3 Prayer Partner?
A C-3 Prayer Partner is someone who makes a commitment to pray daily for the C-3 ministry for the next 6 months. Your email address will be the link we need to send our most urgent prayer requests when the need arises. For now please cover our staff, ministry, marriages and families in daily prayer.

What is my level of Commitment?
You choose the time, day, and duration of your prayer time when you register. Each Prayer Partner signs up to commit to pray during a certain hour of his or her choosing. Then you decide how you will pray during that hour—you can pray once, twice, or for the whole hour—there is no appointed number or prayer length. And you can modify your commitment at anytime. Just make your decision based on what God has laid on your heart.

How do I become a Prayer Partner?
Simply fill out the form below and submit your request to become a prayer partner!