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Pastor's Corner

My Current Reading

Visions of the Coming Days 
by R. Loren Sanford

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R. Loren Sanford, within his sober reflection, reveals the heart of the Father and the hope of glory for the body of Christ. With clarity and piercing biblical insight, he helps believers understand what is to come, and he gives practical advice on how to prepare spiritually--for the events that will unfold and for their role in all of it. Foreword by John Paul Jackson   



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The 360 Degree Leader

By Dan Reiland

My father-in-law was a Master Chief in the Navy and I always enjoy listening to his stories of leadership of times at peace and times at war. I have great respect for his ability to lead up, down, and across.

Successful or Fruitful?

By Dan Reiland

Power ties and power lunches have given way to Starbucks and business casual in jeans but the desire for success hasn’t changed.  Leadership success isn’t as bold and brash as it once was.  Red neck-ties have been replaced with colored wrist bands about things we care about, but we are still sending messages. We still want success.  In thousands of conversations with pastors, I can’t remember a time when even one said to me: “Dan, my dream is to be a failure.  Yup, that’s me.  I just want to fail.” 

Church Politics, Part 2

By Dan Reiland

Bob wanted pews in the new sanctuary, and the pastor, board, staff and building committee wanted chairs. Easy right? Wrong. Bob was a founding member, influential and rich. The pastor met with him on several occasions pleading his case in favor of chairs in the new sanctuary. If you are wondering “What about Bob” is causing all the fuss, he threatened to pull his huge commitment to the building fund if they didn’t put pews in the new church. Before you say this is an easy one, the pastor should buck up and tell Bob to take a hike, you know it’s never that easy. Under the intense financial pressure of a new building, the leaders needed and wanted Bob’s check.

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